Our Missions

Over the years, the Nalani'ikaleomana Foundation has worked tirelessly to reach out to those in need, with the spirit of Aloha. Whether near or far, we are all one people and our efforts are focused on helping those in need.

Read more below about our efforts in different areas of the world and please consider donating to continue bringing this mission of Aloha to the world.


Rwanda has experienced unparalleled violence and turmoil in recent years. Many villages have been left in the wake of these situations, and Nalani'ikaleomana Foundation has made numerous trips to this area to help these people rebuild. From dealing with PTSD to helping them reestablish medical facilities and schools, this work has been extensive and rewarding.


image of Rwandans in class by Nalani'ikaleomana Foundation

Many Rwandans have faced difficult issues in their community. War, poverty, and education challenges among others. This class was designed to deal with the grief and hardship felt by the single mothers and widows left in this area after violence affected them.


Rwandan children learning a Hawaiian chant from Nalani'ikaleomana Foundation

These girls are in the recovery process in their village after everything that has happened there. We had some fun and taught them a Hawaiian chant, which they all picked up very quickly and joined in on the 2nd verse!


image of Nicolette's farm in Rwandan village.

This farm helps to feed area children as well take care of orphaned boys and girls.


Image of medical clinic being built in Rwanda

A new medical facility being built that services children, teens, and single mothers. This clinic will offer dental, X-ray, and lab services.

Annual "Mad Hatter Tea Party"

In 2019, this event will be held on December 1st at Dave & Buster's from 10am - 1pm. Please contact us to get tickets! 808.781.1549

The Old Spaghetti Factory was packed at our last event! We had a very successful silent auction, great attendance, and a performance by Na Leo Lani Chorus to help those in need.

Mad Hatter Tea Party

Image of Debra New at the Annual Mad Hatter Tea Party

Getting ceremonies underway for the annual event held at the Old Spaghetti Factory last time.

Mad Hatter Tea Party

image of Na Leo Lani Chorus at Mad Hatter event

The ladies of the Na Leo Lani Chorus pose with event organizer, Debra New.

Mad Hatter Tea Party

image of Debra New and some friends at the Mad Hatter Tea Party.

We couldn't do it without the support of some fine people! And we have fun along the way!

Mad Hatter Tea Party

image of Na Leo Lani Chorus singing at Mad Hatter event

This place was jumping with the amazing voices of Na Leo Lani Chorus!

Nalani'ikaleomana Foundation is always in need of assistance from our community. If you are interested in helping, please reach out to us, or find it within yourself to offer a donation

Or, make a donation by purchasing our book: "Overcoming Adversity." $22 + $5.75 shipping.

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